The SundayPost: How to Make a Child’s TuTu

The Sunday Post: How to Make a Child’s TuTu!

This “How to…” comes from a fellow Army wife and mom, Danielle R.


Costumes for little girls are always fun. Here is a spin, make a tutu! Use white to make a bunny, black and yellow for a bumble bee, black for a cat or orange for a pumpkin. The possibilities are endless.

Step 1: Gather supplies

  • tulle
  • elastic
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • cardboard

Step 2: Measure
To determine how much elastic you will need measure around the child’s waist. Then measure from the waist down to as long as you would like the finished tutu to be. My baby has a 16 inch waist and I wanted the tutu roughly 6 1/2 inches.

Step 3: Make the waistband
I used non-roll elastic for this tutu. You could also make it on a piece of ribbon for a tutu that ties on instead of pulls on. On the elastic, your sewing does not need to be pretty since nobody will see it but make sure it is secure so it won’t come undone after being pulled on.








Step 3: Cut the tulle
I buy my tulle on 6″ rolls at Hobby Lobby because they have a good selection of colors and it’s easy to find 40% off coupons. :) You can also find tulle on the bolt but the rolls are much more convenient to work with.
To get the length of each strip of tulle take your desired length measurement and multiply by two and then add two to the total. (6 1/2 X 2 = 13. 13 + 2 = 15).
The quickest and easiest way I’ve found to cut the strips is by wrapping the tulle around cardboard. I cut a piece of an empty cereal box to 7 1/2″ X 6″. The width does not need to be exact but the length does.

I then take the roll of tulle and wrap it around the piece of cardboard.
I wrap it around 20-30 times and then cut more later as needed.

Then cut along one edge and you will have your evenly cut strips.

Step 4: Tie the knots
I only use one piece of tulle for each knot. Use two or even three strips if you want a fluffier tutu. I prefer to just use one so I can push the knots closer together to fit more on the elastic. The knots are too big for my liking when I use more strips.

There are different ways to tie the knots but this is the method I like best.
Find the center of the strip.








Put it underneath the waistband.











Bring the ends over the waistband and down through the loop.








Pull tight making sure the ends stay even.





Continue all the way around the waistband.

After every three or four knots push them as close together as you can so no elastic shows.

Here is a tutu that I made on a piece of ribbon a few months ago. The knots end up very small and it results in a really full tutu but it is much more time consuming to tie all those knots! It also uses a lot more tulle!


Thanks to Danielle for showing us a great How To! I’ll be featuring more of her creations in the future ;-)

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  1. that’s adorable! :) I don’t have a girl to make stuff like this for, just a doll, but she’s not really a tutu kinda gal ;) This is great though!!
    Jenny recently posted..Mama, I’m Comin’ Home~My Profile

  2. Omgoodness! That is sooo stinking cute! Super simple as well! I am already thinking of some little ones I know that will need one of these asap! Thanks for sharing! =)
    Chloe Jacqueline. recently posted..Week In Cell Phone Pics: 7/22-7/27/2012My Profile

    • Absolutely, thanks for stopping by! It is super easy and little girls love them! They are great for Halloween too just customize the colors and a colored leotard, tights and accessories and she could be anything :-)


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