HH6 on … What I fear most for my children

HH6 on … What I fear most for my children


What do I fear most for my children? I struggled with the answer to this question. I worry about so much for them but what do I fear?

The fears I have for them are the same I have for their entire generation.    Are they going to be able to grown up in a healthy world? Are they going to be able to have successful and happy lives?

The economy, global warming, crime, education costs and possibilities of war are huge fears for me in regards to their future.    I am fearful that they won’t be able to reach their full possibilities, to have the families, opportunities and dreams they desire and deserve.


The news, research and the changes in weather increase these fears daily.   I choose not to dwell on them but they are in the back of mind.    I want them to have all of the opportunities that my generation and those before were given and to live in a healthy, sustainable world. The world seems to be going in the wrong direction and what will we all do?

  • We will focus on the positive, do our part to change things for the better and to teach our children responsibility, positive thinking and independence.
  • We will live for today, the present, this very moment and really LIVE.
  • We will love our children, spend time with our children and make memories that count.
  • We will teach our children right from wrong, to help others and to never give up.
  • We will prepare for the unexpected but live for today.


Live, Love & Learn,

Ms. MommyHH6

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