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From Destiny F. in NC ” What the heck does this mean, RUF2T? Do you “get” texting?”

What the heck are they talking about? I wonder that myself about half of the text messages that come across my phone. I find myself asking my husband or looking up the meaning of a message. I mastered Army acronyms yet can’t seem to grasp texting. Yeah, I feel old and I can only imagine that my level of “text talk” will certainly be much worse by the time Blondie and Ginger have their own phones. Having TWO girls and seeing what all these texts actually mean gives me ALOT of motivation to keep up. I want to know what is always going on in their conversations.

I put together a list of common texts you might see and included the “mom” translation. I suggest a laminated list to keep with you if you have teens!

The Most Common Phrases

  • RUF2T? Are you free to talk?
  • RUOK? Are you ok?
  • dnt b l8 Don’t be late
  • nuf Z Enough said
  • IOU1 I owe you one
  • I gona b l8 I am going to be late
  • wnt2 c a Want to see a …
  • RU CMNG Are you coming?
  • PLZ 4GV ME Please forgive me
  • CUB L8r Call you back later

There is so much more to learn…..

  • wud would
  • der there
  • sed said
  • np np problem
  • L8R later
  • gtg got to go
  • ASL Age, Sex, Location
  • ATB All the Best
  • AFAIC As far as i know
  • Ax across
  • @ractiv attractive
  • BAK Back At Keyboard
  • BBL Be Back Later
  • BBS Be Back Soon
  • BCNU be seeing you
  • BRB be right back
  • BTDT been there done that
  • BHL8 be home late
  • B4N bye for now
  • BOL best of luck
  • BRT be right there
  • DK don’t know
  • Dur? do you remember
  • EOD end of discussion
  • F? friends
  • F2F face to fac
  • FOC Free Of Charge
  • GAL get a life
  • GTG got to go
  • GAO glad all over
  • GTSY glad to see you
  • HAND have a nice day
  • HAGN have a good night
  • HTH hope that helps
  • IAC in any case
  • IDK I don’t know
  • IMI i mean it
  • IOW in other words
  • IYSS if you say so
  • J4F just for fun
  • JstCLMe just call me
  • KC keep cool
  • KIT keep in touch
  • KISS Keep it simple stupid
  • KHUF Know how you feel L%k
  • LTNS Long time no see
  • MUSM Miss you so much
  • MYOB Mind your own business
  • MTE my thought exactly
  • NA No access
  • NC No comment
  • NWO no way out
  • OTOH On the other hand
  • O4U Only for you
  • PCM please call me
  • SOZ sorry
  • SIT stay in touch
  • SYS see you soon
  • SOL sooner or later
  • TH@ that
  • TMB text me back
  • TTYL talk to you later
  • T2GO time 2 go
  • TYVM thank you very much
  • WRU where Are You
  • W/O without
  • W/E whatever
  • W@ what
  • w8N waiting
  • W8 wait
  • W84M wait for me
  • W4U waiting for you
  • WUF where you from?
  • YBS you’ll be sorry
  • 4gvn forgiven

After all those translations, I am remembering “back in the day” when I had a just a pager and had to stop at a phone booth hoping I had a quarter to call the person back. Times have changed!

Live, Love & Learn,

Ms. MommyHH6

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  1. OMG, my head is spinning with this. And I thought Special Education acroynms were bad (IEPs, ADHD, OCD, etc.) I can’t imagine Army ones on top of this.

    What if you mixed up texting acronyms into the Army ones? Would they be ROTFL?
    Angela recently posted..Versatile Blogger Award – Sharing the LoveMy Profile


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