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Today on The SundayPost,  Do you know what a Key Caller is ?  Do you know what an FRG Treasurer does?

When I was a new Army wife (awhile ago), I had no clue what an FRG was much less what the volunteer positions were.  I want to take today’s The SundayPost and explain the basic volunteer positions.

Descriptions are straight from the  U.S. Army FRG Leader’s Handbook and the U. S.
Army Family Readiness Support Assistant Resource Guide 

FRG= Family Readiness Group

  • FRG Leader organizes and leads the FRG
  • FRG Fund Manager and Alternate (also called Treasurer) serves as custodian of the FRG’s informal fund and is a required position.
  • Phone Tree Chairperson organizes the phone tree and email list, identifies and supervises phone tree key callers.
  • Phone Tree Key Caller maintains regular contact with assigned Families; passes along official information and provides other information to families. This position is essential.
  • FRG Recorder (also called secretary) maintains accurate minutes of meetings and distributes information and correspondence to the FRG leader and newsletter editor.
  • FRG Newsletter Editor coordinates newsletter preparation, publishing, and distribution.
  • vFRG Coordinator coordinates with FRG leader and other appropriate individuals to prepare postings on FRG activities, FRG announcements, and educational information for Families.
  • Special Events Chairperson plans, organizes, and executes FRG activities and special events.
  • Hospitality/Welcome Committee Chairperson contacts and welcomes all new Soldiers and Families to the company/battalion, etc., helping them find needed resources.
  • Publicity Chairperson informs Soldiers and Families of upcoming FRG activities.
  • Fundraiser Chairperson manages internal FRG fundraising activities for FRG informal fund.
  • Child Care Chairperson ensures acceptable childcare for FRG meeting and special events


Based on the needs of the FRG other volunteer positions may be created, omitted or some consolidated.  I’ve seen positions such as FRG co-leader, Food Committee Chairperson and Youth Committee Chairperson. I’ve also seen FRG leaders that take on the responsibilities of several positions.

Some units have an FRSA (Family Readiness Support Assistant). FRSA is a paid position and may/may not take on  some of the above tasks. An FRSA works directly for the unit commander.  I used to be an FRSA and it was a fantastic job and I loved being a part of the Army unit and working closely with the families and soldiers.

Hope that helped and took some mystery out of the sometimes intimidating FRG!

Live, Love & Learn,

Ms. MommyHH6


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