The “6″ List: Fantastic Gifts for Teachers!

 Fantastic Gifts for Teachers



This is Blondie’s first year in “big kid school” and I want to make sure her wonderful teacher receives a great gift. As a result, I have pouring over Pinterest, Amazon and Facebook looking for the perfect gift.  The result, lots of options!  I wanted to share a few great ideas that I have come across on  todays The “6″ List.

Fantastic Gifts for Teachers

  1. Gifts for Guy Teachers  posted by Jacolyn Murphy 
  2. School Supplies ” Cake”  posted by  Come Together Kids
  3. Thanks a “latte” and Starbucks card posted by  Skip to My Lou
  4. Crayon bowl posted by The Celebration Shoppe
  5. S’mores posted by Crystal & Co.
  6. 50 Gifts Teachers will actually like posted by Flibbertigiberrish
What are YOU giving your children’s teachers this year?

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