Look@Her: Military Spouse Small Business Owner, Sonia S!


Military Spouse Small Business Owner, Sonia S!


Most Wednesdays, a special needs mom, military spouse, small business owner or inspiring single mom will be profiled on Look@Her.   These are very special, inspiring and hard-working women. I am honored to be able to recognize them for being wonderful mothers, wives and role models.

Without further hesitation, let me introduce…

Sonia Smith
Sonia Smith

  • Spouse:  Married to Casey for  10 years
  • Children:  3 children, Alexis 10, Brandon 7 and Cody 4
  • Current Location: South Carolina
  • Military Branch Affiliation:  Marines
  • Business Name:  Military Spouse Business Coach
  • Type of Business: Coaching business for Military Spouses

Connect with Sonia:

Sonia’s Story

Military Spouse CoachHow long have you had this business?

  • 3 months

Tell me about your business:

  • Military spouse business coach is a business that helps military spouses learn how to start their own businesses and become successful. Military spouses often think that they can have a career after their military spouse is out of the military. I want to encourage military spouses with the knowledge how to start and move your business from one duty station to another.

Share your story of how you became a small business owner:

  • In 2005 after I had my son, I wanted to work from home. I set out on my journey to learn how to do it. I went through a few scams and lost money we desperately needed. I poured myself into direct sales and learned how to make them successful. I started my own business called Lucy’s Letters. This business was a personalized character letters for children. I made my business just in time for Christmas. My husband thought I was crazy and he did not think anyone would want to pay $5 for a stranger to write a letter to their children… He was wrong because I made $50 that first year. It may not have been a million dollars but it was what we needed. God has blessed me along the way with a successful Tupperware Business. In September 2009, my best friend and I started a company called Frisky Business. We made $2000 in the first 6 months. It wasn’t a lot but it was pure profit in our pocket. We worked directly with the manufactures so we did not have any overhead of any kind. We opened our business open for consultants. We loved this business so much but we both came to a day where we felt we no longer were in love with the business and we decided to close the doors with a heavy heart. In 2012, I believe that God gave me a vision for Military Spouse Business Coach. I was scared to do it but little by little I have given in and am starting to love this new position that I am in.

Ups/Downs of your journey:

  • Every day is an up for me. The journey has taught me how to be strong in faith, strong in my marriage and a strong mother. I also feel that I learned a lot along the way about how to be a good friend and business coach.

Where do you want to be in 5 years with your business?

  • In 5 years I see my business being a corporation helping military spouses become inspired with their business and being successful. I love to see and hear their Ah ha moment.

Best/Worst part of owning your own business:

  • Best part of owning your own business the fact that you work for the absolute best boss ever! The worst part of owning your own business is the fact that your boss can let you slack sometimes!

Advice for other business owners:

  • I always tell my clients- You work for the best boss ever- Don’t let your boss down!

What is your favorite recipe, organizing tip, cleaning tip, or general life tip?

  • I think my best tip is when you are going to PCS- Get a binder! Make tabs for current housing, Future housing, travel plans, kids, and pets. This is the absolute best thing to keep your sanity!

Thanks to Sonia S. for sharing her story!  

If you are a special needs mom, military spouse, inspiring single mom or a military spouse business owner, I want to profile YOU on Look@Her please send an email to msmommyhh6@yahoo.com to receive the questionnaire and more information.

Live, Love & Learn,

Ms. MommyHH6

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